At TreadStrap, while we are very proud of our exceptionally low return rate -- less than 0.5% -- we are committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason, you are not happy with your order, we offer a hassle-free refund policy.

You can cancel your order and get a full refund with no questions asked before we ship the product. To do this, simply contact us through our Contact page and include your order number.

If you receive a defective product, we will replace it for free if you initiate the request within 7 days of receiving it, as per carrier tracking. Please contact us through our Contact page, including your order number, to initiate this process.

We also offer refunds for any other reason, as long as you contact us within 7 days of receiving the product and return the unused, unopened or resalable product within 14 days of receiving it, as per carrier tracking. The refund is only for the purchase price of the product, and not for shipping costs. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to us. Discounts applied at purchase (including Add-On Pricing discounts) are deducted from refund total. 

We provide a free Under Anchor and Over Anchor with every Ankle Strap which can be used to test TreadStrap before removing the protective film from the product. Product is easily tested without removing protective film. Do not remove the protective film until you have tested the product and decided to keep it, as removing it will void our refund offer. The product must be returned in new condition. Any visible wear or damage will void the refund.

Our Ankle Straps are custom sized, but sized long so you can trim to length for an exact fit. Most customers will need to trim the Fastener Straps in order to test the product. To receive a full refund, the protective film should not be removed, and there should be no scratches or wear on the Pads or Max Back, no Anchors used and no Fastener Straps cut.

If the Fastener Straps are trimmed and only the free Under Anchor and Over Anchor is used for testing, but no protective film has been removed, we can still offer a full refund, minus a $15 Fastener Strap, Connector and Anchor Replacement and Restocking fee. This fee applies to either Tread Lite or Tread Max.

The Rover and Wet Anchors are non-returnable and non-refundable if used due to their intimate nature. We cannot offer full refunds for our Rover Lite, Rover Max or Wet AFO products unless they are returned still sealed. If unsealed, we will deduct $15 for Rover Anchors, $55 for Wet Anchor Socks, or $70 for Wet Anchor Shoes from refund total. Do not return these items unless sealed. An additional $10  Fastener Strap and Connector Replacement and Restocking fee applies if straps are cut.

Use the free Under Anchor and Over Anchor included with every Ankle Strap to test TreadStrap before opening your Rover, Wet or other Anchor packages. Though our Anchors are different, our Ankle Straps and Anchors work together to hold the foot in position in the same way. If your Ankle Strap and free Under or Over Anchors hold your foot in position, you can be confident the Rover and Wet Anchors will also work for you.  

Any items ordered from our Parts Catalog are returnable and fully refundable only if returned in the original sealed packaging. If opened, we can not offer any refund.

If you need to return a product, please do not return it to the return address on your package. Instead, contact us to receive instructions on how to return the item. Mailing product to any other address other than what is in our emailed instructions will void our refund offer and TreadStrap will not be responsible for locating your package.

To receive a refund, TreadStrap must receive the product back within 14 days of your receipt of it, as per carrier tracking. We will process the refund within 14 days of receiving the product. Please request package tracking from your carrier when returning the product and provide the tracking number to us via email. If your return is late and can be verified as caused by carrier delay, we will allow a grace period for receipt.