Because we ship worldwide and costs are so disparate, we are unable to offer free shipping; however, our product is relatively light. Shipping is calculated at the time of ordering. We ship to most parts of the world.  Shipping inside the US is typically under $5-10 and worldwide shipments are in the $15-35 range. 

To confirm whether we deliver to your area and determine the cost, please begin the ordering process. As you proceed with your order, before you submit, our system will check your post code and if it recognises it, we're able to ship to your location based on current carriers in the system.

In some cases, international orders have to be refunded due to carriers changing service areas after an order is submitted if we are unable to make arrangements with customer for alternative shipping. However, TreadStrap is not responsible for import fees for your country. Please verify with your local authorities as to any fees you may be charged to take delivery of your order. We are unable to refund undeliverable orders due to unpaid import fees.