Customer Feedback


"Wow. So much money I've spent on AFOs, it's not funny and YOURS worked!!"

"I just want to let the TreadStrap team know how wonderful I think their AFO’s are! It has made a huge difference in my gait as well as my confidence in not falling. Thanks for the life changing brace!"

"This thing is amazing!! I believe I am at the end of a 25-year search for help. Compared to other AFOs I have used it is like regaining my natural gait."

"You are a genius. Got my strap and it WORKS! Wow! Easy to assemble, easy to wear! Thank you!"

"I had a hip replacement in 2021 and ended up with foot drop. I have tried other AFO's with some success but I prefer Treadstrap because its simple, light and can adjust with any type of foot wear. Other AFO's can be uncomfortable and too bulky or you have to purchase the right shoe to fit the device. With Treadstrap you can wear just about any foot wear."

“My physical therapist background and the nice feeling you get from helping others gives me a greater appreciation of your work, I think. Keep it up!”

"She [five-year-old-daughter] said 'it’s so comfy mom.'”

"Your customer service grows above and beyond."

“When I got home and put everything away I told my husband I couldn't believe I didn't feel the need to take my shoe off. It really is a game changer. Now I'm anxious to go shoe shopping and know I will have some variety and choices. Thanks again.”

“I'm just in awe of the difference. You should feel extremely proud. I wish I had this 5 years ago when my son in Chicago got married. I can't wait to show my boys and their ladies on Christmas.”

“I just appreciate the fact that you can relate to FD issues and are able to create an item to make our challenges just a little more tolerable.”

“I think the orthotics world just needed someone who actually needs FD support and someone with a creative mind.”

“Super stoked on your work and I am mega appreciative of your effort to make life easier for us!!”

“Thank you for the awesome customer service!”