Invented in 2020 by a 16-year survivor of foot drop who got tired of struggling with traditional and new-tech AFOs, TreadStrap is an innovative, minimalist foot drop AFO system that’s designed around two types of ANKLE STRAPS and six types of ANCHORS which are combined to create our five AFO product packages: Rover Lite, Rover Max, Trial Lite, Trial Max, Tread Lite, Tread Max, and Wet.

These discreet, lightweight and quality-constructed AFOs hold the foot in position to walk or run safely and comfortably while eliminating the rigid foot plates, molded plastic, carbon fiber, hinges, hardware and bulk that comes with traditional and new-tech AFOs -- and the accompanying fatigue, uneven hips and frustration -- and allows for a smoother, more natural gait.

Faster and easier to put on than a common ankle brace, wear TreadStrap CONFIDENTLY with almost any shoes you want, including loafers, lace-ups, flats, sandals, slippers, boots, swim socks/shoes and even shoeless

We've taken the basic concept of the ankle-strap AFO and integrated new features that radically expand comfort and versatility. TreadStrap provides the same support you need for foot drop as rigid AFOs, the low profile and discreetness of ankle-strap AFOs and a level of comfort and versatility previously never available with either.  Minimalist design for maximum comfort, discretion and versatility.


TreadStrap is designed for foot drop, inversion and eversion only. As with all health-related matters, consult appropriate experts (podiatrists, orthotists, neurosurgeons or other qualified experts) and/or make sure you understand your condition and support needs before using TreadStrap.