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ROVER LITE Foot Drop Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)

ROVER LITE Foot Drop Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)

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Designed for Foot Drop, Inversion and Eversion Only

Rover Anchors were inspired by the need for an indoor/outdoor AFO that can be worn with or without shoes comfortably and without fatigue and is intended for moderately active users.

For more active users on their feet or walking all day, extended running, hiking or other more strenuous activities, we recommend our Under and Over Anchors, which use the shoe for lift. These Anchors are available in our Tread Lite and Tread Max packages or can be added to this or any other product package. 


UNDER ANCHORS and UNDER PLUS ANCHORS include glue, but come with a super-gripping adhesive backing to attach ANCHORS to shoe, which allows for repositioning or removal without residue. The more the ANCHORS are moved, the more they lose their adhesion, which is why we provide some glue with these ANCHORS. A variety of products readily available at any major retailer will also work, including B-7000, Goop Glue, Gorilla Glue, Shoe Goo, or any similar all-purpose, high-strength glue.

FASTENER STRAPS (the lift straps in our ANKLE STRAPS that hold the foot in position), CONNECTORS, UNDER ANCHORS and UNDER PLUS ANCHORS are constructed with neoprene and hook-and-loop (Velcro or similar).

ANKLE PADS and STRAP PADS are made of a soft and durable neoprene foam and fabric.

UNDER PLUS ANCHOR bottom is a soft neoprene fabric on one half, adhesive backing on the other and the top is black vegan leather and hook and loop. 

Our ROVER AND WET SOCK and WET SHOE ANCHORS are constructed with quality third-party products made of durable neoprene and other water-friendly materials and come with our proprietary, MODIFIED UNDER and OVER ANCHORS installed. 


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